It was certainly not by coincidence that Domaine Foivos took its emblem and its name after Phoebus (Foivos Apollon), the ancient god of harmony, music and light,

its labels from the Greek alphabet with all its symbolism,

and the signature Horkus, in the label background, deriving from the  wine maker’s surname, Theodoros Horkopoulos, symbolizing his vow (Horkos in greek) to creat great wines, transforming them – in a way – into cultural products.

Inspired and in alliance with the exquisite light of Kefalonia, its microclimate and the riches of the Greek soil, the ambition of our people at Domaine Foivos is to produce great wines, able to withstand daily trial and enjoyment, in depth of time.

Domaine Foivos combines:

the outmost effort of our people to create quality wines, with

the outmost adherence to environmental and consumer respect by applying the most environment-friendly vinery cultivation along with the mildest and purest treating of the must, avoiding any technological excesses;

the inviolable “moral” concession that not all is permitted in the pursue of profit. So we chose the long and winding road of “virtue” over the broad and easy highway of “malice”* that usually includes unlawful mongrelizing of undisclosed origin wines, obscure commercial practices and compromising of principles, all in the name of easy and effortless money;

the outmost adherence to immaculate and rare Greek grape varieties, embarking on an effort to introduce them to an international market always thirsty and ready to enthusiastically accept new varieties, new flavor richness and new savors; since, after being fed up and saturated with the established wine brands, now is seeking for new wines and new wine paths from rare, unknown Greek grape varieties;

the concession that wine is something more than just alcohol from grapes; it is a product of both cultural and artistic work that humbly attempts to stand next to great compositions and compete against the color richness of great painters by adding the element of flavor and taste; the go-between timeless creation and magic initiation, fantasy and reality, metaphysical and actual, beauty and refined enjoyment.

* cross-reference to Greek mythology and the fables of Hercules.


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